3 Simple Steps to Ace the SAT and ACT Reading Comprehension

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SAT and ACT Reading Comprehension Tips in Costa Mesa

SAT and ACT Reading Comprehension Tips in Costa Mesa

Reading Comprehension on the SAT and ACT can be a little scary.

Instead of just a sentence or a few words to review, you come across it… a whole passage to read!

But with a few tips from a helpful SAT and ACT tutor, Reading Comprehension can seem easy!

Students in Costa Mesa are spending the summer prepping with a tutor for the SAT and ACT exams in the fall.

Improving vocabulary and math skills helps, but here’s a few helpful hints to make the reading comprehension easier:

READ the passage!  This may seem obvious, but many students want to skip ahead to the questions.  A good tutor will remind you that understanding the passage is the key to solving the questions that come afterwards.  If you don’t read, then you can’t comprehend.  There is plenty of time to read the entire passage and take a couple minutes to think about what you’ve read.

A Costa Mesa SAT and ACT tutor can help you go through the passage on a critical level.

What is it about?  What happens in each part of the passage?  Are there vocabulary words that you don’t understand?  Making sure that you understand each part of the passage will make the questions  easier and faster to complete.

Second REREAD the passage when answering specific questions.  If a question refers to, for example, lines 11-12, go back and read those two lines.  A tutor can go through them with you, pointing out additional information or concepts. Often, there will be questions about vocabulary in context of a passage.  While you may know a definition of a word, without rereading, it may be the wrong definition for this context.  Also, if you have to guess between two answers, rereading can often confirm the correct answer.


Often on the SAT and ACT exams, a question near the end of the section will ask you to critically analyze parts of the passage.  There will be answers that may feel “good” when you first read them, but may not specifically refer to the passage in the question.  Make sure that you’re always answering based on the passage, and not outside information.

With these tips and the help of a tutor, students in Costa Mesa will do great on the SAT and ACT exams!

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An outstanding  SAT and ACT Tutor in Costa Mesa can help increase your comprehension and scores on all three sections of the SAT and ACT.  We have SAT and ACT tutors that will come to your home in Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and throughout Orange County.  Not only do we have SAT and ACT tutors, but can help in every academic subject.

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